BREAKING: Trudeau weighs deadline extension for Big Oil

Help us push back against climate delay r1


The Trudeau government is poised to give Canada’s oil and gas industry an extra two years to meet the already-weak 2030 emissions reduction target they set for the sector.1

It’s infuriating. As we live through another summer of climate chaos, with heat waves smashing temperature records around the world, Big Oil continues to use their power and wealth to push fossil fuel expansion, and our government seems all-too-willing to back them up.

This ongoing delay in the face of an escalating crisis is exactly why we launched Our Stories: Living Through Climate Disaster last week. It’s a website where you can share how the climate crisis is affecting you and your community right now. Together, out first-hand stories of the unfolding climate emergency have the power to cut through Big Oil’s delay tactics.

We need to gather and share as many stories as possible for this project to make a difference. Paov, can you take a few minutes now to browse the site and share your story?

It’s been incredibly moving to hear the stories you’ve shared so far. While fossil fuel executives try once again to stall climate action, we’re directly countering their... narrative with powerful accounts of why we’re out of time to act. Thousands of people have already seen the first set of videos on the website and social media. Together, we can reach many more.

Share your story now -- in whatever format you like -- and help us build our movement to defeat climate delay and win a future where everyone can thrive.

We can't let Big Oil buy more time. The 619 victims of last year's Heat Dome didn’t get more time. Those of us who have lost our homes to floods and fires supercharged by the climate crisis didn't get more time. Let’s make sure Canada doesn’t give more time to the industry that created this crisis.

Visit the Our Stories site now to take action.

In solidarity,

1 - CBC: Oil and gas industry could get more time to meet 2030 emissions targets, minister says is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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