$405 BECOME A MEMBER The Narwhal's masthead logo Photo of biodiversity reporter Ainslie Cruickshank in the woods Just how often, how much and where is glyphosate being sprayed in B.C. forests? That’s the question reporter Ainslie Cruickshank is on a mission to find out.

Glyphosate — a herbicide that’s the active ingredient in the weed killer Roundup — is used in logging cutblocks so industry can more easily regrow more trees to chop down. It’s a controversial practice that comes at the expense of important plants and can force wildlife to relocate to other areas in search of food.

B.C. says the practice is safe, but it also isn’t exactly forthcoming with all the details. So Ainslie filed a freedom of information request with the B.C. government to try and get the scoop on the use of herbicides in forestry operations over the past five years. Now, the government wants $405 to fulfill the request.

That would stop a lot of cash-starved news outlets in their tracks these days. But we know there’s got to be at least 17 readers out there willing to chip in $25 to help us get our hands on this data. Are you one of them? If so, please give $25 today so we can get these records ASAP.

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P.S. Government documents are supposed to be available to the public. Help us get our hands on the details of where and how often B.C.’s forests are being sprayed with glyphosate by pitching in $25 today.
YES, I'LL PITCH IN! Left to right: Reporters Fatima Syed and Drew Anderson

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Did you hear our reporters talking through your headphones this week?

Ontario reporter Fatima Syed hosted an episode of The Backbench with Jerry DeMarco, Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development. They talked about three decades’ worth of climate action and inaction by the feds, giving us the report card on our climate progress. Spoiler alert: we got a big, fat F. Some people on Twitter said that you could hear the indignation in DeMarco’s voice, but maybe listen to it yourself to find out.

Over in the west, Prairies reporter Drew Anderson went on CBC’s The Afternoon Edition to talk about his feature on Saskatchewan’s farmland and how it’s turning into an investment portfolio for fewer, private hands as it loses carbon-rich grasslands. Go over and let Drew break it down for you!

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