Three-year-old being deported

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PAOV — Fatumah is a single mother who fled Uganda four years ago. She came to Canada and applied for refugee status, fearing persecution in Uganda. Her claim was denied and now she and her three-year-old daughter Ilham, who is a Canadian citizen, are scheduled to be deported at the end of August. Petition starter Mark is urging the government to cancel the deportation and grant Fatumah permanent residency. You can help Fatumah and Ilham’s fight to stay in Canada by signing the petition now.


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Fatumah Najjuma is a single mother who fled Uganda on September 21st 2018 fearing for her life due to her social and religious affiliations.she is a muslim.

Fatumah filled a refugee claim in Canada however the immigration and refugee board claimed insufficient information as grounds for her refusal to stay in Canada.

As a result,Fatumah and her three year old Canadian citizen daughter ILHAM SSENTAMU (March 16th 2019 ) have been issued a removal order by the Canada boarder services agency despite having submitted a humanitarian and compassionate application whose process is still on going.

Fatumah is working under spectrum Health care company as a personal support worker and paying her taxes promptly,no criminal record and taking care of her daughter. she is a dedicated community volunteer and a valued member of the Ugandan community in Canada. she also registered a private cleaning company called fast and reliable cleaning services inc that serves communities across the Greater Toronto Area. (

Fatumah is kindly requesting you and your network friends to sign this petition asking the Canadian government Authorities to:

1.Defer her removal set between 24th and 28th of August.

2 Expedite a review of Humanitarian and Compassionate Application for Permanent Residence.

3.To grant her Permanent residence under Humanitarian and compassionate grounds as her life and daughter is at risk when they are returned to Uganda.

Fatumah and her daughter Ilham deserves a second chance to stay in Canada to benefit our compassionate way of life and continue serving Canadian seniors and her beloved clients whom she has been giving special care since the COVID 19 Pandemic Period.

Fatumah believes that deporting her to a country where she suffered immense psychological torture,family discrimination and abuse will deeply affect herself and daughter’s mental well being. As a Canadian citizen, ILHAM would stand a chance to grow in a supportive environment together with her mother.

Please sign now and share this petition with your networks including social media.


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