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The UN says Trans Mountain Pipeline does not have consent from affected Indigenous communities and has called for a stop in construction.

Message Liberty Mutual, AIG, and Lloyd's of London to publicly rule out insuring Trans Mountain now.

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The UN has told Canada to halt the Trans Mountain Pipeline until it gets consent from affected Indigenous communities.

If this pipeline connects the Canadian tar sands with the Pacific Ocean and if expanded, it will lead to climate disaster. It's also a reckless project that would increase oil tanker traffic sevenfold, endangering the already struggling Orca whale population.

This pipeline is a terrible idea so why are companies such as Liberty Mutual backing this project? Perhaps because the board member of Liberty Mutual directly is also a director at one of the biggest tar sands companies in Canada and directly profits from the project.

Liberty Mutual, Lloyd’s of London insurers, and AIG’s insurance contract on the risky Trans Mountain Pipeline is... going to expire this month. So this week, we are going to deliver the names of the 200,000 people who signed the petition calling for insurance companies to stop insuring the pipelines.

Can you add to the pressure by emailing Liberty Mutual, AIG, and other insurance executives calling on them to cancel the insurance contract?

Insurance companies hold the key to stopping this pipeline – if Trans Mountain can’t get insurance, it can’t operate. And some of the biggest insurance companies in the world have already stopped insuring Trans Mountain because of the pipeline’s effect on the climate.

Already 18 insurers including Chubb and Zurich have stopped insuring Trans Mountain since 2019, thanks to pressure by SumOfUs members like you and a coalition of dedicated groups.

And together, we can stop the Trans Mountain pipeline too, but only if we keep the pressure on. Please take action now.

Tell Liberty Mutual, AIG and Lloyd’s of London insurers to stop insuring the Trans Mountain pipeline now.

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Angus, Leyla, and the team at SumOfUs

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