For profit health care??

Ontario’s public health care is under attack! The Ford government is considering selling off parts of the health service to greedy for-profit companies. He wants to turn us into the US. Add your name and tell them: hands off our health care!

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Premier Doug Ford wants to let predatory private companies buy up parts of Ontario’s health services. This would be a disaster for patients, with the elderly and most vulnerable hit the hardest.

And unless we speak up now, he’ll push ahead – and set a precedent that could eventually destroy Canada’s public health care system.

Greedy for-profit companies can’t wait. Privatizing Canadian health care is their dream come true. But we don’t want to become the US, where getting sick can mean going bankrupt. We have to let Ford and other provincial leaders know that selling off our health care is incredibly unpopular – and could end their political careers.

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Ford’s government says privatizing parts of the healthcare system could help fix chronic staff shortages. But if they hadn’t capped pay and imposed appalling working conditions, skilled health care staff wouldn’t have deserted in droves in the first place.

Rather than bringing in greedy companies who will put profits over patients, the government would be better off properly funding health care. We’ve already seen what happens when we kick open the doors to private companies in the for-profit nursing home industry with exposés of abuse, neglect, and poor infection control in some homes.

In a landmark decision in 2020, a British Columbian Justice ensured that access to health care in Canada will continue to be based on need and not on ability to pay with his ruling against 'Doctor Profit' Brian Day. And SumOfUs was there every step of the four year court case, starting with the first week of the trial in 2016 when we made a big splash outside the BC Supreme Court.

Now we can stop this attempt by Doug Ford to privatize our health care, which would set a disastrous precedent for the country. Let's join the nurses, doctors and hundreds of civil society organizations and make sure our public hospitals are protected for good.

Tell Doug Ford: hands off public health care!

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