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One of Trudeau’s big climate promises last election was to put a cap on how much pollution the oil and gas sector can emit. Almost a year later, the federal government is asking for public feedback on the emissions cap.

Canada’s fossil fuel CEOs have been quick to call the Liberals’ proposal "overly ambitious" but we know in reality it doesn’t go nearly far enough. Scientists have been clear that we have to keep most known oil, gas and coal reserves in the ground to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.1 That means capping fossil fuel production, not just emissions, and investing in a Just Transition that supports workers as we race to build a clean energy future.

We have until September 30th to make sure the federal government hears from thousands of people across the country demanding bold climate action. Use our one-click tool to make your submission now.


It’s been another summer of dangerous heat and extreme weather. But while communities suffer and Big Oil billionaires rake in record profits, Trudeau’s Environment Minister is openly considering a two-year deadline extension for the oil and gas sector to meet their 2030 emissions reduction target.2 The choice is clear: we cannot give fossil fuel companies more time to profit from pollution while our communities bear the brunt of the climate crisis.

It's time for our government to make the right choice. That’s why our submission to the emissions cap consultation process makes three demands:

  • A cap on fossil fuel production, not just emissions
  • A bold and ambitious Just Transition Act
  • Climate action that puts people first, not corporate profits

We’ve made it easy for you to weigh in with these demands and call for climate action at the scale that science and justice demand. You can use our template or personalize your submission as much as you like.

With Parliament resuming September 19th, we have an important window to remind Trudeau his climate delay is already costing our communities too much. Make your submission now using our one-click tool.


If thousands of us take action together, we can drown out Big Oil and make sure Parliament’s top priority is real climate action that gets us off fossil fuels.

In solidarity,


1: The Guardian: It’s over for fossil fuels: IPCC spells out what’s needed to avert climate disaster

2: CBC: Oil and gas industry could get more time to meet 2030 emissions targets, minister says

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