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PAOV — Several countries have plans to begin commercial octopus farming within the next year. Farming carnivorous animals like octopuses places even more strain on the oceans because it means taking another species out of the ocean to feed them. There is also no reliably humane way to slaughter octopuses on a commercial scale. Petition starter Karina is asking the government to ban commercial octopus farms in Canada, as well as the import of farmed octopus, so octopuses aren’t raised to simply die a painful death. If you agree with Karina, sign the petition now.

Ban octopus farming and the importation of farmed octopus in Canada!

23,541 have signed Karina H’s petition. Let’s get to 25,000!

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Octopuses are some of the most intelligent animals. They play, they’re curious, and they’re solitary creatures that need lots of stimulation. While they are subjected to cruel practices all across the world, the biggest threat they face is factory farming.

Factory farming octopuses is something that’s just getting started. The first one, which is in Spain, plans to sell farmed octopus in 2023, and hopes to farm 275,000 of them each year. It claims that it will help wild octopus populations by getting people to eat their farmed octopuses instead.

Octopuses can’t thrive in a farmed setting, and humane methods of slaughter on such a huge scale would be very difficult. Not only that, but this farm and future farms could pollute the environment, spread diseases to the local wild octopus populations, and contribute to overfishing. Not only that, but it could cause demand for octopus meat to skyrocket as people develop a taste for it.

If we really want to help octopuses, we have to eat less of them and impose stronger regulations on the fishing of wild octopus.

This petition calls for Canada to ban farmed octopus and the importation of farmed octopus. Canada already has some laws protecting octopuses, so banning farmed octopus is not a huge demand.

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