Pakistan is drowning. We need to act now.

Fossil fuels did this. Let's demand real climate action from the Trudeau government. r1


Over the past two weeks, Pakistan has experienced cataclysmic floods triggered by climate-fuelled monsoons and glacial melting. Thousands have lost their lives and at least 33 million people have been displaced, costing billions of dollars in damage and upending people's lives1.

You can connect the dots. We’re seeing absolute devastation in Pakistan, summer after summer of dangerous heat and extreme fires in Canada, and countless other climate impacts. And, we’re still seeing Big Oil and their political accomplices continue to block and delay climate action.

It’s time we change direction. In Canada, that starts with capping fossil fuel production, not just emissions, and investing in a Just Transition that supports people and the planet as we race to build a clean energy future.

We have until September 30th to make sure the federal government hears from thousands of people across the country demanding we cap fossil fuel production. Use our quick online tool to make your submission.

Paov, the climate-fuelled devastation unfolding in Pakistan is beyond heartbreaking. Countries in the Global South, that have contributed the least to the climate crisis, are drowning while Big Oil rakes in billions... of dollars in profits. This quote from climate activist Anam, who lives and organizes in Pakistan, is a stark reminder of that:

“The same high emitter countries of the global north colonized our land for hundreds of years, killing our ancestors and stealing our resources. Now they have colonized our atmosphere in their pursuit of wealth and development at the expense of our people’s lives and environment.”

What is happening in Pakistan was preventable. But, instead of Canada taking the bold climate action required to avoid these kinds of devastating impacts, our elected leaders have chosen to prop up the fossil fuel industry to protect corporate profits.

The choice is clear: we need to stop fossil fuel companies from destroying our planet and displacing people from their homes and put an immediate cap on fossil fuel production.

We’ve made it easy for you to make this demand and call for a Just Transition Act that protects people and the planet. You can use our template and personalize your submission as much as you like.

With a heavy heart,


PS - Pakistan is drowning, but they are fighting for their survival. If you have the means to lend a hand to Pakistan immediately, here is a list of mutual aid and relief efforts being organized across the country to donate and lend your support to.

You can read the full blog by Anam “My Country Pakistan is Drowning” here to learn more about the devastation unfolding in Pakistan and ways to take action.

1 - New Scientist: Deadly Pakistan floods are a climate catastrophe, says UN chief is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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