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Plastic pollution is one of the greatest threats we’ll be facing in the next century.

As we move towards cleaner forms of transportation, plastic is the next opportunity for oil giants like Exxon, Gazprom and Saudi Aramco to continue destroying our planet. Plastic also continues to pollute our oceans and cause the death of millions of sea and land animals. Plastic is also being blamed by a growing body of scientists for causing cancer and serious infertility problems.

When we campaigned against the world's biggest plastic polluters, like Nestlé and Pepsi, you answered our call. Now, because the climate crisis and its link to the plastics industry has never been more obvious, we're asking you to kick it into high gear.

SumOfUs is joining the global Break Free From Plastic (BFFP) coalition, a worldwide movement of more than 2,600 organizations working for a future without plastic pollution.

Our first contribution to the BFFP coalition will depend on you and your participation in a new brand audit.

Brand audits are a collaborative science-based initiative that collects data on plastic waste to help identify companies that... are responsible for plastic pollution. This data allows us to hold these companies accountable and stop them from producing massive amounts of plastic.

You can join a plastic data collection event near you and even organize your own event!

A, click here to participate in the Break Free From Plastic 2022 Brand Audit.

Moving away from plastic is essential to tackle climate chaos, ensure human health, preserve wildlife, and protect employment and our food systems. That's why your support is critical to pressure companies into stopping the production of so much plastic.

Since 2018, thousands of BFFP members and allies around the world have organized hundreds of brand audits, providing data that contributes to their yearly "BRANDED" reports. Through these reports, our movement has pressured the worst corporate polluters to reveal their total plastic footprint, reduce production at the source, and redesign their packaging to be reusable.

And it works! For example, Coca-Cola, the world's biggest plastic polluter, has voluntarily adopted a new goal of producing at least 25 percent reusable packaging by 2030. But these companies still have a long way to go.

The good news is that, with your help, this year could change everything. In a few weeks, negotiations on the world's first global plastics treaty will begin. It's a legally binding text aimed at reducing plastic pollution around the world and a historic step towards curbing plastic pollution.

That's why we think it's crucial that the SumOfUs community takes part in BFFP's brand audit! The data collected in the coming weeks can positively influence the negotiations for the International Plastics Treaty. It is essential that companies that are disproportionately responsible for plastic pollution are held accountable.

A, if there was ever a time to be hands-on, it's now. Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work!

Participate in Break Free From Plastic's 2022 brand audit.

If you can't participate in the audit in person, you can invite your family and friends to do so by sharing this call on social media.

Join the Brand Audit

Thanks for all that you do,
Ibrahim and the team at SumOfUs

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