A Project Veritas Employee Leaked Ashley Bidens Diary

“We had to sort of ‘Veritas’ Veritas in order to get the thing broken,” said Noel Fritsch, publisher of National File.


Facebook Engineers: We Have No Idea Where We Keep All Your Personal Data

Sam Biddle

In a discovery hearing, two veteran Facebook engineers told the court that the company doesn’t keep track of all your personal data.


A Project Veritas Employee Leaked Ashley Biden’s Diary

Ryan Grim

“We had to sort of ‘Veritas’ Veritas in order to get the thing broken,” said Noel Fritsch, publisher of National File.


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Labor Union Censored Report Criticizing Microsoft’s Military Contracts

Lee Fang

Following a neutrality agreement that benefits CWA, union officials killed a report critical of Microsoft.


As Taiwan Tensions Build, Concerned Okinawans Push for U.S. Military Base Closure

Maia Hibbett

Bill Clinton promised to close the base in 1996. But plans for more construction and a heightened focus on the Pacific put the islands and their unique biodiversity at risk indefinitely.


After Refusing Loan Forgiveness, Bank of America Hits PPP Borrowers With Inscrutable “Finance Charges”

Bryce Covert

Bank of America says the charges are for accrued interest. Small business owners haven’t received any notice about how much they owe or the schedule for paying it back.


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