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Email Template r1 Dogwood Your place for news and action Canadians would be forgiven for having complicated feelings about the death of Queen Elizabeth this past week.

For some, the royals are a nostalgic presence — something that grounds Canadian history and culture in the heritage of settlers from Great Britain. The Queen especially has been described as an icon who handled herself with integrity and grace.

For others, the monarchy is an antiquated institution controlled by a family whose wealth and... power comes from land theft, slavery and genocide. The Queen = pain and injustice. And watching wall-to-wall coverage mourning her death and glamourizing the colonial institution she represented is hard to take.

Regardless which camp you’re in, the fact remains: the “Crown” claims 95 per cent of the land in B.C., leasing it out to corporations who habitually call on colonial institutions to prosecute and jail Indigenous people who object to that arrangement.

So as King Charles III ascends to the throne, now seems like a good time to lean into conversations about Canada’s relationship with the British monarchy. What would be possible if we lived free from the confines imposed by a royal family living half a world away?

Dogwood’s Kai Nagata asked this question, among others, last year in a blog that details the origin story of “British Columbia” and what it could mean to decolonize B.C.

Here are some other ways folks are responding to the death of the Queen:

What thoughts and feelings are coming up for you?
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Healthy Climate Solutions Fair in VancouverSaturday, September 17, 11 a.m to 3 p.m. You’re invited to a public exhibition exploring the health impacts of climate change and solutions we can use to transition to 100 per cent clean energy. Exhibits explore renewable energy battery storage, green hydrogen, a kids’ art tent and more. Experts will be on hand to answer all of your green energy questions. Milton Wong Plaza, 1650 Manitoba St., Olympic Village.

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