Poilievre could be Prime Minister

Parliament resumes next week after a summer of climate disasters and skyrocketing inflation. r1


Pierre Poilievre just decisively won the Conservative party leadership contest. That means a pipeline-pushing, anti-climate, far-right politician could be next in line to be Prime Minister, right in the middle of a make-or-break decade for climate action.

Worsening wildfires and floods are harming communities across the country, skyrocketing inflation is making life harder for almost everyone, and Trudeau isn’t acting on either crisis with nearly enough urgency. People are losing faith that the Liberals care about their daily lives1 and Poilievre could ride this wave of anger into power.

The best way to fight back is with bold Just Transition legislation that tackles the climate crisis and improves everyday peoples’ lives at the same time. That’s why we’re calling for a Just Transition Act that includes a Green Jobs Guarantee, invests directly in the workers and communities most affected by the energy transition ahead, and moves at the rapid pace climate science demands.

With Parliament back in session next week, we have a chance to remind our MPs that the vast majority of Canadians want bold climate action and that this is the moment to deliver. We have... already drafted a template for you. All you need to do is click.


As politicians return to Ottawa, over 250 wildfires are currently burning across Western Canada. Vancouver is choking on smoke2 and an out-of-control fire near Hope, B.C. just forced Trans Mountain to evacuate workers.3 This isn’t the first time a major climate disaster has halted the pipeline’s construction either.

The warning signs are everywhere, but our federal government keeps letting the fossil fuel industry dictate the pace and scale of climate action. It’s no wonder that a recent poll showed 70% of Canadians think Trudeau hasn’t done enough on climate.1

Paov, can you take 2 minutes to email your MP and ask them to commit to passing a bold and ambitious Just Transition Act during this session of Parliament?


Together, we can make sure this is at the top of Parliament’s agenda as they return from a long summer recess. Let’s keep a wave of emails going over the next two weeks and keep on building the people-powered pressure we need to win.



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