Water crisis in Canada

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PAOV — There are still 31 boil water advisories in First Nations communities across the country, and 73% of First Nations water systems are at serious risk of contamination. Petition starter and global water activist Autumn Peltier is urging the federal government to take immediate action to bring clean water to every First Nation community. Over 94,000 supporters have joined Autumn in calling on the government for action. Add your voice by signing the petition now.

Indigenous Deserve CLEAN drinking water

96,925 have signed Autumn Peltier’s petition. Let’s get to 150,000!

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For too long Indigenous lives, culture and land have been left as status quo. The quality of life is below par while The Gov of Canada consistently promise support however lack in action. Currently there is an overwhelming majority of First Nations without clean drinking water. Some are STILL on boil advisory. This petition is going to be hand delivered in September 2022 on Parlaiment Hill and we would love all support.

In an address to the United Nations in New York; Canadian Water Activist Ms Autumn Peltier ended with:

“When we stand together as one, we are one voice and one Nation”

In Canada, while our water quality is ranked among the best in the world having 20% of the worlds fresh water, First Nations across the country STILL struggle to access a safe supply.

Many #firstnations water systems are at high or medium risk of contamination. Global Water Activist Autumn Peltier, The Dreamcatcher Foundation & Healthy First Nations are working together now and taking action by gifting water filtration systems to First Nations across Canada providing a needed short term solution while aiming for a long term action plan with the Government.

While there have been significant long term plans to end Indigenous water struggles, there has been a lack of Government action. The Dreamcatcher Foundation is currently working with Healthy First Nations taking owned action and addressing the crisis through immediate and meaningful action today while searching for collaboration and Government accountability.

The ‘right to water’ is recognized by the United Nations. It entitles every person, without discrimination, access to safe, sufficient, physically accessible and affordable water.

In an address to the United Nations in New York; Ms Autumn Peltier ended with:

We repeat:

“When we stand together as one, we are one voice and one Nation”

@JustinTrudeau lets unite and become one Nation

Join us as we raise the volume with hopes to have clean water across ALL land.

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