Maya Train to Court

The Maya Train is being built at all costs – communities are being evicted from their lands and native species are under threat.

We need to stop this!

Sign here to tell the Mexican Supreme Court to take up the Maya Train case.

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The disastrous Maya Train can be stopped!

Our partners Kanan Human Rights have a winnable plan: they are taking the Maya Train to court for not fulfilling its Environmental Impact Assessment.

But not just any court; to the Mexican Supreme Court which is the court with more authority in the country and the one that can do a deeper analysis of this deeply problematic and colonial project.

They need international public support to make their case heard so that the Supreme Court takes the case on.

Sign here to tell the Mexican Supreme Court to take up the Maya Train case.

The home of the jaguars is under high threat, while the Mexican... Government keeps pushing to finish the construction of the 1,500 km long tourist megaproject “Maya Train”.

Indigenous communities are being stripped away from their lands and 23 nature reserves will be destroyed. All just to transport tourists from one holiday resort to another.

Let’s come together and show the Mexican Government that the whole world stands with the local activists, environmental protectors and Indigenous communities. Will you join us?

There are serious irregularities in the submitted Environmental Impact Assessment. The public was not informed about the environmental damages the construction will have and how these will be mitigated – such as the pollution and destruction of groundwater sinkholes, also known as cenotes.

We cannot let the Mexican rainforest be further destroyed! It’s time to act, now.

The SumOfUs community has a long record of supporting legal fights. Together we helped Maxima Acuna stop Newmont Mining's mine development in Peru. Her heroic efforts won her the Green Nobel Prize.

Today, we can come together and put an end to the harmful Maya Train constructions. The more signatures we get, the more likely it is the Court will take the case.

Will you sign here so that Mexico's highest court will review the Maya Train case and we can win?

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Thanks for all that you do,
Alys, Ildem and the SumOfUs team

More information:
Battle over section of Mexico's Maya train 'could go all the way to the supreme court'
BNAmericas. 22 April 2022. Court ruling halts 3 sections of Maya Train on environmental grounds
Mexico News Daily. 8 March 2022.

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