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Dear PAOV,

Sometimes it takes readers like you to remind us why we did the slightly bananas thing of starting a non-profit online magazine.

“Your publication reports on important issues most mainstream media fails to.”

“Climate change is THE overriding issue. We need more independent, trustworthy journalism.”

“I can find this journalism nowhere else and want to help you grow further!”

These are just a few of the notes we received from the 49 of you who stepped up to become members since I told you about our September budget crunch. We’re nearly a third of the way to our target — will you join us?

Thanks to our members, we’ve managed to build The Narwhal into Canada’s go-to place for trustworthy in-depth and investigative journalism on the environment and climate issues that matter now more than ever. We’ve done this by:

Going places traditional media doesn’t ✅
Reporting on solutions to the climate crisis ✅
Spending the time to get the story right ✅
Keeping our work free for all to read ✅

The reality is The Narwhal is only possible because a tiny fraction of readers like you donate whatever they can each month or year. Right now, we need to add 133 new members in September to make our budget numbers add up.
If just one in 400 of you joins us today, we’ll meet our target. Will you help us expand the boundaries of what’s possible for journalism in Canada?

Thanks for believing in what we do.

Emma Gilchrist

P.S. We are just 133 members away from meeting our September budget target. If you’ve been considering signing up, please take two minutes and join us today.

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