Bye dandruff, hello rainforest destruction

How the palm oil in Head&Shoulders shampoo is linked to deforestation

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Have you seen this? Head&Shoulders and Herbal Essences shampoo are made with palm oil linked to the destruction of the Leuser ecosystem, the organgutan capital of the world. 30,000 SumOfUs members have signed the petition to urge cosmetics giant Procter&Gamble to clean up its slate -- their biggest shareholder meeting is coming up soon, so will you join?

Palm oil in your shampoo? Yes. Worse actually, forest destruction and climate chaos.

All thanks to Procter and Gamble’s repeated inaction and complicity in the worsening climate crisis. But P&G’s biggest meeting of the year is in a couple of weeks so if we up the pressure now, we can force change in the palm oil industry.

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Glossy hair and no dandruff comes at a steep cost: there’s a big chance that the palm oil in Procter & Gamble’s Head & Shoulders and Herbal Essences shampoo is grown on burned and bulldozed rainforest in the Leuser ecosystem – the orangutan capital of the world.

The latest report from our partners draws a clear picture: at least one rogue palm oil producer is razing the Leuser rainforest in Indonesia – and to make bad things worse, one of them is illegally setting carbon-rich peatland on fire. That’s a triple-hit to the climate crisis!

Consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble doesn’t care where the palm oil it uses to make shampoo comes from as long as it doesn't hurt its reputation. But its annual shareholder meeting is coming up in weeks, so now is the time to make noise and tell this notorious forest destroyer to stop sourcing palm oil grown on burnt orangutan habitat.

Tell Procter & Gamble: Put rogue palm oil producers on your no-buy list

Some of the worst palm oil producers have been expanding their plantations into the Leuser ecosystem – legally, thanks to the generous complicity of the government, but with devastating consequences. A palm oil producer is burning the Tripa peatlands, detonating massive carbon bombs into the atmosphere and fueling the climate crisis.

But progress has been made thanks to SumOfUs members and partners who’ve called out the foul play in the palm oil business. Major brands like Nestlé and Unilever have put some of these producers on their no-buy list already and the pressure on Procter & Gamble is mounting!

Forests are our best line of defense against the accelerating climate chaos, and people all around the globe are starting to connect the dots. Procter & Gamble might think it can get away with using a pinch of bad palm oil (spoiler: it’s more like a handful), but surely doesn’t fancy the idea of being portrayed as a forest and climate killer.

If we use the momentum of its upcoming annual meeting and make it clear what’s at stake, we could get one of the world’s biggest consumer goods companies to finally commit to higher rainforest and climate protection standards.

Procter & Gamble: Stop being a rainforest & climate killer – drop bad palm oil producers

Together we can put out the fires, protect the rainforest, its communities and precious wildlife. To do so, we need to stop corporations from trashing our planet and climate.

We have a track record of success in transforming the palm oil industry from within: just a little over two years ago, SumOfUs members and partners made PepsiCo, a notorious laggard when it comes to rainforest and human rights protection, commit to stricter policies. It happened only because people like you didn’t stop taking action to hold the company accountable for its abuse via petitions, emails, digital and offline actions. With Procter and Gamble, we can do it again.

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More information:

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