Against violence and racism in Ottawa schools

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Against violence and racism in Ottawa schools

Shayma Issa started this petition to OCDSB, and it now has 7,695 signatures

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This takes place in Ottawa, ON., around the area of an... OCDSB high school.

A video has been recently published by a private account on Instagram which promotes for bullying and violent fights among teenagers in Ontario, which was later reported and removed off the platform. The video itself entails the heart-wrenching and brutal beating of a teen by a group of other teens (about 6 or 7) in plain daylight as they all seem to have just finished their school day and on their way home; the attackers seem to be waiting for the victim to pass by in a premeditated stance to trap him and gang beat him. This happens somewhere on Ogilvie Road, and they are all believed to be students at Gloucester High School.

The victim is a Canadian Syrian young man who first came as an orphaned refugee having lost both of his parents in the ongoing events in Syria, and this hideous act against him is believed to be spurred from hatred and for racist reasons.

We, as parents of kids who go to the OCDSB schools, picture ourselves as parents of the victim as well, and as such feel utterly enraged and are completely in shock that this is in fact happening in our safe communities and among school students. We’d like to express our most heartfelt condemnation of the abusive behaviour that occurred and voice out our deepest concerns for the safety of our children.

We’d also love to see actual steps being applied on the ground to ensure this violence never takes place again, and especially not to the visible minorities or due to race, religion, gender, or any other distinctions that might indicate vulnerability.


OCDSB Parents

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