Dead bears in Nelson

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PAOV — Seven bears have been euthanized in Nelson this year, including a mother and her two cubs. Petition starter Jess is urging the government to adapt their policies so bears are protected and relocated instead of being needlessly killed. You can help by signing the petition today.

City of Nelson needs to STOP shooting bears and adopt bear smart policies.

2,690 have signed Jess Grant’s petition. Let’s get to 5,000!

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There are many residents that are horrified and angry about bears being unnecessarily shot within the City of Nelson in part due to the current garbage policy and lack of bylaw enforcement.

Last Friday a Mother bear and her 2 cubs were unnecessarily shot and killed in uphill and this was the final straw. Let’s not let them have died in vain and use this as a catalyst for change.

Nelson needs to follow nearby municipalities and adopt bear smart programs immediately.

With a civic election in the near future, it is a perfect time to present these concerns to the city and pressure them for policy changes.
If this is something that resonates with you please sign this in support of our bears.
Thanks for reading and signing and caring about our bears.

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