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PAOV — Girl Guide Ophelia has spent over a year asking Girl Guides Canada to stop using palm oil in their cookies. The process of growing and harvesting palm oil causes massive deforestation and is not a sustainable practice. Girl Guides Canada CEO Jill Zelmanovits is standing firm in her insistence that the organization only uses “sustainable palm oil.” Ophelia is not satisfied with her answer, and 33,500 supporters are joining her in demanding a real solution from Girl Guides Canada. You can help in this critical moment by signing the petition now.

Stop the use of Palm Oil in Girl Guide cookies!

35,004 have signed Ophelia Bourdages’s petition. Let’s get to 50,000!

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Palm Oil is used in 90% of products you see in stores today. It’s an oil made from oil palm trees which primarily grow in tropical countries. There’s a massive problem: it’s extremely destructive. It creates mass deforestation and uses child and human labour. It is also causing thousands of animals like orangutans to become endangered or extinct. The way Wilmar (the main Palm Oil producer) harvests Palm Oil makes it impossible to re plant the rain forest to the way it was before, so we need to stop them before its too late! Girl Guides uses Palm Oil in their cookies. We can swap to a more sustainable oil. I am a part of Girl Guides of Canada and am trying to get them to change their recipe as well. I already sent them an email (over a year) explaining the same information as here and got no response. I am hoping you will sign this to help me get my message across to a great organization that helps women around the world. If you sign you are helping the environment around the world and encouraging a large organization to change and set an example for other businesses as well. If you do sign, Thank you.

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