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What Oreo cookies and Cadbury cream eggs are *really* made of

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Have you seen this? Mondelēz is using dirty palm oil for its best-selling Oreo cookies. More than 90,000 SumOfUs members from around the world have signed the petition urging Mondelēz to deliver on its promises towards people and the planet. Add your name now so we can reach 100,000 signatures!

Oreo maker Mondelēz is getting filthy rich while impoverishing entire communities in Indonesia.

Tell the candy giant to stop buying dirty palm oil NOW.

Workers in Indonesia pile up their oil palm harvest on a truck.

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Oreo cookies, Cadbury Cream eggs and Milka chocolate are making Mondelēz rich while impoverishing entire communities in Indonesia as... they are not only filled with bulldozed rainforests but also double-stuffed with broken promises!

Mondelēz, one of the world’s biggest snack food companies, is sourcing palm oil from bad players who’ve taken away Indigenous lands for their plantations but never delivered on the promised share in the billion dollar palm oil business. Thousands of families were hoping to have a steady income and send their kids to school but instead were left with nothing – and Mondelēz is complicit in this bitter-sweet symphony of human rights violations.

But if we run a massive brand-damaging campaign against Mondelēz, it could stop buying palm oil from promise-breaking producers – which then starts a cascade of more big brands dropping these bad players, forcing them once and for all to invest in the communities and livelihoods they destroyed.

Tell Mondelēz: Drop dirty palm oil producers NOW

When Mat Yadi and his Suku Anak Dalam Indigenous community in Sumatra agreed to hand over their ancestral rainforest land to be turned into oil palm plantations, they did it under one condition – that they could make a living off the plantation too, as smallholder farmers. But nothing was ever returned to them.

And his story is not an isolated case. A latest report suggests that in one Indonesian province alone, communities and villages are losing $90 million each year from the lands that greedy palm oil companies grabbed for free.

The good news is that Mat’s community, together with hundreds of other communities and villages, are fighting back – and we can join in solidarity with them by holding a global company like Mondelēz to account: if the candymaker fulfills its own promise to quit doing business with bad actors, the bad players lose a big chunk of their profits, which would force them to deliver on their end.

Mondelēz claims it's been working closely with its suppliers to ensure proper fulfillment of their obligation to smallholder farmers but fails to provide a clear and ambitious timeline and plan to right its suppliers wrongs. The communities simply need more than lip service.

Tell Mondelēz to cut ties with palm oil producers that destroy lives and livelihoods

Big shifts in the palm oil industry are possible: just a little over two years ago, SumOfUs members and partners made PepsiCo, a notorious laggard when it comes to rainforest and human rights protection, commit to stricter policies. It happened only because people like you didn’t stop taking action to hold the company accountable for its abuse via petitions, emails, digital and offline actions.

Mondelēz is another big laggard that tries to sell itself as a sustainability leader but in fact does the bare minimum when it comes to protecting rainforests and the people who depend on them. Now is the time to push this big player to commit to more, before more communities like Mat's are left with nothing but destroyed rainforest.

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Rosa, Fatah, and the team at SumOfUs

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