RESEND: MPs are back in Parliament – and floodwaters are rising.

RESEND: MPs are back in Parliament – and floodwaters are rising. r1 ... r71 | Add us to your address book Due to a server error, some people were not able to click through to our website yesterday. The issue has been resolved now. Thank you to everyone who flagged the problem with our support staff. Dear friend,

Members of Parliament are back at work on the Hill. Today marks the third day that the House of Commons is sitting.

Here at the Council, our work hasn’t stopped. And we are ready to welcome MPs back with renewed efforts to flood parliament for a Just Transition.

We’ve already made incredible progress, thanks to your activism and support. So far, we've pressured 48 MPs into committing to table our petition for Just Transition legislation.

As the government sets priorities for the fall, we want to make sure a Just Transition is at the top. That requires doubling down on our efforts to flood parliament. We want to be in our MPs’ inboxes, on their phone lines, in their social media feeds, and at their offices with calls for Just Transition legislation that they simply can't ignore.


We have our work cut out for us. Our goals for the next three months are:

  • Ensure MPs who have yet to table the petition make good on their pledge,
  • Ramp up the pressure on MPs who are holding out, and
  • Compel our strongest allies in parliament to take further action – raising our calls for a Just Transition in committees, in caucuses, and anywhere else they can!

We can't meet these goals without your help.

Can you help us make our voices louder – and spread our message farther – by donating today?

Prime Minister Trudeau promised a Just Transition Act three years ago. Thanks to the relentless advocacy of Council staff, members, supporters, and allies, we expect him to finally make good on that promise and present Just Transition legislation in early 2023.

Now it is up to us to make sure the legislation presented centres the needs of the people and communities – not corporate profits.

Time and time again, we have seen this government bend to the will of Big Oil. From buying a pipeline in 2019 the day after declaring a climate emergency, to including $2.6 billion for fossil fuel companies in Budget 2022.

You and I know that more privatization and corporate bailouts will not get us out of the climate crisis. We can’t have Just Transition legislation that pays lip service to meaningful climate action while pouring our tax dollars into corporate schemes that are thinly veiled as “climate solutions.”

We need real climate solutions: millions of new good-paying jobs in zero-carbon sectors, support for affected workers and communities, and respect for Indigenous rights and sovereignty.

A livable future is within reach. If we act now, together, we have a chance at a healthy and habitable world – for ourselves and for future generations.

Please donate today and help us make this flood one that parliament can’t ignore.

In solidarity,

Dylan Penner, 
Climate and Social Justice Campaigner
The Council of Canadians

P.S. The House rises again in three months, but our fight doesn’t end there! Will you consider making r71 | Add us to your address book

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