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This year is the BCCLA’s 60th anniversary! We’ve been taking action on inequalities and fighting injustice for decades.

Through your support, we've litigated in the highest courts, made submissions to top policy makers, and ensured our public legal educational opportunities are accessible to those who need them most.

Here are a few highlights below:

Looking back, we’ve come a long way defending and promoting justice, equality, and freedom for all. Despite our many victories, there’s much more work to be done and this work comes at a critical time. This fall, will you become a BCCLA member to help us continue our fight for another 60 years?


At the BCCLA, we want to be your vehicle for change to support causes that matter. We need your support to make systematic changes. As a member, you can be here to make sure it happens by becoming a part of our community.

Annual membership starts at $35 and there are options for low income at $10. As a member you can vote in our Annual General Meeting and have a voice in the decisions moving us forward.

Time and effort fuels change. Join us in our commitment in seeing through another 60 years of change by becoming a member today.


Thank you.

Amy Kim (she/her)
Donor Relations Coordinator

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