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PAOV — Canadians pay some of the highest internet and phone service fees in the world, and telecom companies regularly report hundreds of millions of dollars in profit. Despite this, Telus has submitted an application with the CRTC to charge a 1.5% credit card processing fee on all customer bill payments. Petition starter Nicole is urging the CRTC to take immediate and strong action to bring more competition into Canada’s internet and phone markets so Canadians are better protected from skyrocketing fees. You can help by signing the petition now.

CRTC Open Up Canada to Competition for Bell & Rogers

89,409 have signed Nicole Goodmurphy-McCallum’s petition. Let’s get to 150,000!

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In Canada, if you want cell phone service or internet service, you have only 2 choices- Rogers (& it’s affiliates, who use its lines) & Telus (& its affiliates, including Telus).

We pay amongst the HIGHEST rates for both internet & cell service in the ENTIRE world. Go to maaany other countries- the US, many in Europe, Australia, etc.- and get the same or BETTER service for a fraction of the cost.

In the past month, I’ve had numerous (over 6) dropped calls, while in my own home, using Bell lines. I’ve heard more of the same from friends and friends of friends, also using Bell lines.

In light of yesterday’s nation-wide outage from Rogers, which is the second to occur this year, they’re not doing much better of a job.

The Rogers outage yesterday didn’t affect JUST individuals wanting to watch TikTok, or "creep" on their socials. It affected numerous businesses who were unable to access their internet, use their "landline"-style phones, or use their debit/POS systems. All of which results in a loss of income for those businesses, some of whom NEED that business more than ever due to still suffering the aftershocks of Covid-19.

Enough is enough.

Something needs to change.

And that "something" needs to be the CRTC allowing competitors for Bell & Rogers into the Canada.

This competition will help to lower the costs of internet & cell service for Canadian consumers, AND help to keep the "Big 2" honest & on top of their game in terms of service quality and honoring their promises to Canadians.

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