Urgent deadline: action needed on fish farms

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Our friends at Georgia Strait Alliance are working on an important campaign to stop open-net salmon farming we thought you’d be interested in. Read on to learn more about what you can do to help…

We thought that the end of open-net salmon aquaculture was so close that we could almost taste the victory for wild salmon… but now we are not so sure. We need your help speaking out before the deadline this Thursday,... October 27!

Open-net fish farming in BC has been around for a long time, using local marine ecosystems as their farming mediums and waste disposal facilities. These factory fish farms have brought sea-lice infestations, pathogens and viruses that threaten the health and survival of wild pacific salmon.

The detrimental effects that this industry is having on wild pacific salmon have been backed up by multiple scientific studies over the years. However, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) seems reluctant to stop promoting this harmful industry at the expense of wild salmon.

Currently, DFO is running a “public consultation” process to inform an open-net transition plan set to come out in the summer of 2023. As a reminder, Prime Minister Trudeau directed the Minister of Fisheries and oceans to “continue to work with the Province of B.C. and Indigenous communities on a responsible plan to transition from open-net pen salmon farming in coastal B.C. waters by 2025.”

But based on their language and questions, it seems to us that rather than gathering feedback on a transition away from open-net farming by 2025, DFO is trying to maintain the status quo of a marine-based salmon farming industry that is currently killing wild salmon.

The survey the department has put forward is vague, misleading and outright disrespectful to the people that want to be part of this important step for the future of wild salmon. So we are asking you not to fill it out!

Instead, we’ve created a pre-written editable letter to help you address the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans to let her and the department know you expect to see open-net salmon farming leave BC waters by 2025. The deadline to speak up is October 27.

Send your letter now!

The future of salmon aquaculture is not set in stone and can still be influenced by all of us if we speak up now

Make your message clear: there is no future for salmon aquaculture in BC waters and we want a transition plan that reflects that!

Thank you,

Lucero Gonzalez and the Georgia Strait Alliance team

Thanks for all you do,

The No Tankers team

PO Box 8701, r5

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