Canada needs to Tax Big Oil

The next big global climate summit is just over a week away. Tell Trudeau to #TaxBigOil r1


The next big global climate summit is just over a week away and UN scientists are sounding the alarm that countries need to make faster, deeper emissions cuts to prevent catastrophe.1 Naturally, the fossil fuel industry and their allies are pulling out all the stops to make sure Canada doesn’t answer the call.

Let's make sure Trudeau and Environment Minister Guilbeault stand up for people and the planet and not the interests of Big Oil. It takes less than one minute to take action.

Last week, Trudeau insisted once again that growing oil and gas production isn’t at odds with his emissions reduction targets.2 The Globe and Mail editorial board followed up the next day with an op-ed titled "What if Canada could have a bigger oil and gas industry, and lower emissions? It’s possible."3 (Spoiler: It isn’t). And the industry itself is trying desperately to greenwash their image with a slick new PR campaign.4

You and I can see through the spin, but the problem is many Canadians still believe Big Oil's lies. That’s why we’re so glad to see how many new people... have signed our petition calling for an oil and gas Windfall Profits Tax. Together, we’re sending the Trudeau government a clear message: real climate action means holding the fossil fuel industry accountable.

Paov, it looks like you haven’t signed the #TaxBigOil petition yet. Can you take a minute to add your name now and help us hit 10,000 signatures?

As world leaders gather for COP 27 in Egypt, Canada’s lack of climate progress is in the spotlight and Trudeau is looking to prove he’s serious about cutting emissions. We’ve got a real chance to win an oil and gas Windfall Profits Tax, like the one the European Union passed last month5, if we keep building people-powered pressure. Thousands of people across Canada have already signed on to support the #TaxBigOil campaign, many of them taking action with us for the very first time. We’re thrilled to see so much grassroots energy behind the idea.

Sign the petition now and help us make the biggest possible impact with this campaign.



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