"We cannot just kill them because of human convenience"

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PAOV — Frost the polar bear lives with her cubs on Svalbard, a Norwegian island near the North Pole. In their search for food, Frost and her cubs have broken into food storage areas when the island’s human inhabitants have left food remains like reindeer carcasses out, leading the local council to suggest killing the polar bear family. Petition starter Jeanette is trying to save Frost and her cubs, you can help by signing the petition now.

Save Frost the Polar Bear on Svalbard

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Frost (aka Micha) is a female polar bear whose territory is on Svalbard in Norway.

Frost is a super mother who raises very intelligent cubs who are strong, fast and healthy. These cubs will likely contribute to a future population of healthy adult polar bears.

Unfortunately Frost and her cubs are extremely resourceful and are getting into cabins with food supplies and have also had encounters with people as she is un afraid.

The problem is that the leader of the local council in Longyearbyen suggested to kill Frost for getting into the cabins where food is stored. She has been teaching her cubs to do the same. Remains of reindeers left behind from hunters can also attract her to these areas. A hungry polar bear has only one choice, one goal, to search for food. If we leave food there, they will come.

She has been filmed for 9 years by a talented and dedicated film maker, Asgeir Helgestad. He has made a beautiful film called Queen Without Land. It is incredible, sharing details about her life on Svalbard. She is also known as Micha by other brilliant filmmakers who produced the Disney film this year. She is famous.

Please sign the petition to save Frost for the obvious reason that humans are the problem and not the polar bears. We are expecting these bears to not interfere with cabins where food is located, in the Arctic, which is their territory.

If we don’t do something now to stop these decisions, when will it stop. These magnificent mammals don’t have a voice, it’s up to us to help do what is possible to keep the population of polar bears healthy and strong. They are already battling a changing climate so let’s do our part now and save every last bear we can within our power.

Polar bears are always on the hunt for food. This is their natural behaviour. We can not just kill them because of human convenience

Please sign and share this petition to save this polar bear named Frost.

Thank you in advance,


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