Unbelievable: we need to stop them


Look at them.

Picture of Evan Greenberg, Chubb's CEO, with the Earth on fire behind him and a text calling him Picture of John Neal, Lloyd's CEO, with the Earth on fire behind him and a text:

These are the CEOs of two of the biggest insurance giants on the planet: Lloyd’s and Chubb. Why am I bringing them up you may wonder?

Because a brand new report from our partners Insure Our Future just scored them as two of the top enablers of fossil fuel projects driving climate chaos.

Despite five decades of climate warnings, Lloyd’s CEO John Neal and Chubb CEO Evan Greenberg continue to sponsor the reckless expansion of fossil fuel production. Yet we know, without insurance, there would be no fossil fuel projects.

One of the biggest industry events is happening this week. They will surely be using this as an opportunity to brag about their “leadership”, let’s use this as an opportunity to bring them back down to earth: we won’t back down until they follow their peers and end all support for oil and gas expansion.... That is true climate leadership.

A, let's flood Lloyd and Chubb's inboxes now - it will only take a couple of minutes and could have tremendous impact!

One by one, the big insurance companies are coming around on fossil fuels. It’s a risky business that harms communities and our environment, and thanks to increasing public pressure the industry is shifting.

62% of reinsurers (those who insure the insurers) now have coal exit policies and 38% have oil and gas exclusions. Just this month, Munich Re — an industry heavy-hitter — made waves by committing to end support for oil and gas expansion next year! A real people’s win.

In total contradiction with his peers, Chubb’s CEO Evan Greenberg is ignoring calls from Indigenous people, climate, and consumer advocacy groups — and even his own shareholders, who voted overwhelmingly in favor of the company reducing its climate impact. And Lloyd's record is no cleaner.

SumOfUs members just like you have pushed CEOs to act before, we can do this again. We’re teaming up with organizations across climate and Indigenous rights movements to send a barrage of emails directly to Chubb and Lloyd’s CEOs.

A, send your message directly to Lloyd’s and Chubb to demand they stop fueling climate change and jeopardizing our future.

Last year, thanks to pressure from Indigenous communities and climate activists, Chubb committed to not insure tar sands oil projects like the destructive Trans Mountain pipeline in Canada.

People's pressure works, let’s use our collective power today!


Thanks for all that you do,
Leyla and the team at SumOfUs

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