The end of daylight savings

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PAOV — It’s almost time to turn back our clocks. Health experts say that daylight savings can cause more harm than good, disrupting our circadian rhythm and even increasing the likelihood of traffic accidents and heart attacks. Petition starter Irene believes Canada should abolish daylight savings time — add your support by signing today.

Stop Daylight Saving Time in Canada

64,012 have signed Irene Shone’s petition. Let’s get to 75,000!

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Changing clocks twice a year is a nuisance at best and hazardous to your health at worst. There are many studies showing that mucking around with our circadian rhythm twice a year causes increases in strokes and heart attacks, impacts people with depression and seasonal affective disorder and causes more car accidents.

I ask the Canadian Government to finally stop Daylight Saving Time and enact Permanent Standard Time. Even if one person is saved from having a stroke or heart attack or is saved from a car accident, it’s worth it. Support the health and safety of Canadians and set an example for the rest of the world. Follow the scientific research. Do the right thing and not just the easy and uninformed thing. Don’t change the clocks. Leave them on Standard Time.

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