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Our pressure is working!

Hi Sylvia,

I wanted to share an update about our campaign to stop Facebook, YouTube and TikTok spreading election disinformation ahead of Brazil’s Presidential elections.

Ahead of this hugely important election, SumOfUs exposed how tech companies are letting conspiracy theories, electoral lies and posts inciting violence spread like wildfire on their platforms.

We produced three research reports over the course of 6 weeks to highlight the crisis, and major media outlets, like Time and Washington Post covered our research, piling pressure on Meta, YouTube and TikTok executives to act.

Image of newspaper headline in the Time Magazine which reads Facebook owner Meta is failing to prevent repeat of January 6th in Brazil, report warns and image of headline in Washington Post which reads how Facebook and TikTok are helping push Stop the Steal

We were also invited to present our research to Brazil’s Superior Electoral Court. We showed the court how some of the content on these platforms broke Brazilian electoral law. Thanks to SumOfUs, the court ordered the... platforms to take down some of the problematic content we flagged.

We also wrote directly to Meta, TikTok and YouTube highlighting SumOfUs’ petition urging them to stop the flood of disinformation. We even turned up outside of Meta’s London headquarters to make sure Mark Zuckerberg heard our message loud and clear.

Image of projection on a building of Mark Zuckerberg next to a burning Brazilian flag with the message Meta is destroying Brazilian democracy

We’ve already seen the real-world consequences of allowing baseless claims about election fraud to run rampant on these platforms. By keeping the pressure on, the SumOfUs community can help make sure tech companies don’t repeat the same mistakes again.

Thanks for all that you do,
Vicky, Flora and the team at SumOfUs

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