World Cup Horror

More than 6500 migrant workers died while constructing the World Cup in Qatar.

Calls are growing on Qatar and FIFA to compensate the workers and their families for the tremendous abuse and exploitation they face.

With the World Cup around the corner and FIFA’s president up for re-election, now’s our chance to demand action.

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More than 6500 migrant workers have lost their lives constructing a $220 billion infrastructure for Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup.

FIFA’s president Gianni Infantino, who’s running for re-election as FIFA’s president next year, has been publicly supporting Qatar’s claims that the deaths are normal, despite verified reports of widespread abuse and exploitation.

FIFA’s own human rights policy states it will “provide remedy where individuals have been adversely affected by activities associated with FIFA.”

Let’s hold FIFA accountable to that.

With only a... few days until the World Cup, let’s ramp up pressure on Infantino to create a compensation fund for abused migrant workers and the families of those who have been killed. It won’t bring back those lost lives but it will help protect others going forward.

Tell Infantino: We demand justice for abused migrant workers

When migrant workers flew to Qatar for this job, they were likely dreaming of a bright future for them and their families. But in reality, they were exploited by recruitment agencies and abused by their employers, living under inhumane conditions and working for long hours under “punishing heat”.

Now rights organizations are demanding that Qatar and FIFA pay $440 million as a remedy fund for migrant workers, an amount matching the total prize money FIFA will pay to the teams playing in Qatar. For context, FIFA is expected to make $7 billion in revenue from this World Cup -- topping the $5.4 billion it made from the World Cup in Russia.

FIFA can and should set up this compensation fund – but it will only move if there’s massive pressure from around the world. Sign now, and share this widely – we’ll make sure Infantino hears our call loud and clear:

Tell Infantino: we demand justice and accountability for abused migrant workers

Our community has held some of the biggest companies and organization to account for abuses – we can do it again with FIFA and help protect thousands of workers from future exploitation and abuse.

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More information:

FIFA yet to back migrant workers remedy fund Human Rights Watch, 18 October, 2022 ‘A World Cup Built on Modern Slavery’: Stadium Workers Blow the Whistle on Qatar’s ‘Coverup’ of Migrant Deaths and Suffering Rolling Stone, November 9, 2022

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