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news and action Saturday November 19, 2022 Yesterday, as David Eby officially became premier, he was honoured by a traditional blanketing ceremony at the Musqueam community centre. He called it a powerful symbol of reconciliation, and acknowledged this must be backed up by action.

The newly minted Premier Eby also spoke about the need to act on climate change as “the challenge of our time.” He will have a chance to show he's serious about both of these commitments very soon…

Remember Enbridge, the arrogant Calgary pipeline company that tried to ram its Northern Gateway crude oil supertanker project through B.C. a decade ago? They’re back with an even bigger pipeline... proposal.

Enbridge famously burned bridges with both Indigenous leaders and the B.C. public. Their survey crews chopped down a ‘living museum’ of culturally modified trees on Haisla territory. Their PR department deleted 1,000 square kilometres of islands from maps of the B.C. coast to make it look easier to navigate for tankers.

They even tried to censor a newspaper cartoonist who made fun of them.

This time Enbridge is taking a quieter approach. The company spent $10 million this year “actively engaging with Indigenous Nations” according to documents seen by Dogwood, all to build support for its Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission project.

But to keep the project on track, the company needs to submit a request to the B.C. government to extend its Environmental Assessment Certificate … at the end of this year.

The fate of this proposed pipeline will be a test of premier David Eby’s rhetoric on climate and Indigenous rights. He *could* block the project and invest instead in sustainable economic opportunities for northern communities. Will he?

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