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Next week we will join our friends Greenpeace Canada and Leadnow to deliver nearly 35,000 petition signatures in support of an oil and gas Windfall Profits Tax.

We plan to rally outside the Prime Minister’s office in Ottawa and send a powerful message from the tens of thousands of Canadians calling on Trudeau to tax Big Oil’s excess profits and fund a Just Transition.

Paov, we noticed you haven’t signed the petition yet. Can you help us make the biggest possible impact by adding your name too? It will only take one minute to sign the petition.

We’re reaching this peak in our #TaxBigOil campaign at a pivotal moment in the fight for climate justice. Thanks to a wave of grassroots pressure at the UN climate summit in Egypt, rich nations like Canada agreed to create a Loss and Damage fund to help the most climate vulnerable countries. But, fossil fuel lobbyists still succeeded in undermining the process, making sure that despite calls from 80 countries the final COP27 agreement did not include a commitment to phase down all oil and gas in addition to coal.1

This is... a huge disappointment, but our movement did succeed in changing Canada’s position on the proposed fossil fuel phaseout. At first Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault refused to back the call,2 but at the last minute the Canadian delegation agreed.3 We are in a good position to force this government to change course on an oil and gas Windfall Profits Tax too.

Will you help us put pressure on the Trudeau government to hold Big Oil accountable? Sign the petition now.

Surging emissions from the oil and gas sector are the major driver of Canada’s climate failures.4 Now more than ever we need to show the Trudeau government that we refuse to back down until they stand up to the fossil fuel giants. They can start by passing a Windfall Profits Tax to channel Big Oil's record profits into the bold climate solution we know they will never fund on their own. That's why I'm so excited that Greenpeace and Leadnow will join us next week to show our people power and deliver 35,000 #TaxBigOil petition signatures to Trudeau's doorstep.

It isn’t too late. Sign the petition now to make your voice heard.


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