Third grader Kian killed on his way home

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PAOV - Last week, the murder of 9-year-old Kian Pirfalak, who was driving home with his father in Iran, shocked the world.

It’s been reported that 56 children have been killed so far as a result of recent protests in Iran. Last week it was third-grader Kian, this week more children’s lives are at risk.

A group of healthcare workers have started this petition to Unicef in the hopes of standing up for the innocent children of Iran. Will you support their petition and stand up for the children of Iran by adding your name?

Iranian regime violent targeting of children and adolescents

26,961 have signed Arash and Kamiar Alaei’s petition. Let’s get to 35,000!

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We as a group of physicians and healthcare professionals, are writing to your respected organization, in hopes of bringing to your immediate attention and action, to end the brutal violence and indiscriminate killing of vulnerable children and adolescents in Iran, who are being injured, traumatized and killed as innocent casualties of the forceful crackdowns of the protests across Iran.

We are a non-partisan apolitical group of physicians, dentists, and allied healthcare professionals named MAHSA (Medical Alliance for Health Services Abroad). Our mission is to remotely assist those injured in Iran, who stand in desperate and urgent need of immediate attention and to also draw attention to the imminent crisis of health injustice and human rights violations in Iran.

According to Amnesty International’s statistics, children represent 16% of overall deaths of protesters and bystanders during this current upheaval in Iran. Most of these protestors, including pregnant women, are left without access to basic and fundamental right of access to medical care.

The world’s conscious was shocked again to its core, when on November 16th 2022, a 9-year-old boy by the name of Kian Pirfalak joined other children in the last week, who were targeted and killed by gun shots of the government forces in Iran.

Under human rights treaties of which Islamic Republic of Iran is a signatory, governments have an obligation to protect a child’s right to life. Given your organization’s mission and standing globally, we beseech your immediate attention and action in drawing global attention to the ongoing violence against children and adolescents in Iran and to help stop these atrocities.

They are being targeted in with greater preponderance in remote ethnic communities of Iran that result in increasing number of physical injury and post-traumatic stress disorder on an unimaginable scale.

Your resounding voice will echo in the heart wrenching one of Kian’s mother and all mothers in Iran to end such violence and aggressions against children in that country, who are being targeted in their schools, homes, streets with violence and tear gas, resulting in serious injury and documented cases of death even on school grounds. The walls and halls of education have become witness to violence, terror and death of the innocent.

As healthcare providers, it is our duty, our sacred oath and moral obligation to raise the call and consciousness of all those, who care and work for the safety of children and youth to help protect them from such atrocities. We thank your organization for your immediate attention to publicly and unequivocally denounce such heinous actions on the children and vulnerable youth in Iran now.

We join many calling on UNICEF to send the strongest condemnation and initiate a call through local chapters in Iran to immediately stop any acts of violence towards the children and adolescents on the streets, schools, and in their homes.

It is time for the voice of the voiceless to resonate the world and stir the consciousness of humanity to bring back peace and solace to the lives of children in Iran.

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