Ban snare traps in highly populated subdivisions of Parkland County

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Ban snare traps in highly populated subdivisions of Parkland County

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On September 29, my 1 year old King Sheppard... was caught and killed in a snare set by my neighbours bordering directly on our heavily treed property line. The type of snare was not legal until October 1 with Fish and Wildlife discovering 6 more right on the property line between our dwellings. These spots were unmarked and purposfully hidden from sight.

Discovering Tucker’s body just a few yards away from our home was devasting. This practice is cruel and senseless and has caused immense anxiety for my family who regularly walk through that area. Making matters worse, these snares attract dangerous wildlife when they are set with bait. In the 30 years I’ve lived on our 4.4 acre plot, I’ve never had an issue with my dogs or cats roaming near the property line until now.

The harm and distress these kill snares cause to people living close by is immeasurable. There are too many tragedies that can occur in these heavily populated subdivisions with so many children, pets and people out enjoying nature.

It is legal to trap in these areas beginning Oct. 1 and the trappers are not required to notify their neighbours or place warning signs on their property. The only way for trappers to acknowledge the harm they cause is to ban the traps. We choose to live in the country, we have a responsibility to protect the wildlife that was there before us and to not create uneccesary hazards for the people and pets in the area.

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