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Protecting sick kids means fighting Big Pharma price-gouging

In the midst of a ferocious respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) season that has seen pediatric hospitals swamped with severely ill children, the Council of Canadians is calling on the federal government and the Patented Medicines Price Review Board (PMPRB) to immediately launch an inquiry into the high price of Synagis, a drug that prevents RSV in at-risk infants.

There is currently unprecedented pressure on the health care system and it is critically important for any and all preventative treatments to be made available to those who need them. The federal government must investigate why Synagis costs so much and take action to rein in corporate greed and ensure access to this essential medicine.

Read our analysis piece here.

Contact Minister for Health Jean-Yves Duclos, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and your MP and urge the federal government to take action now.

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Sovereignty Matters

The controversial and divisive Alberta Sovereignty Within a United Canada Act, Bill 1, was passed by the Government of Alberta’s legislature after the provision that granted Danielle Smith’s cabinet the power to bypass the legislature and rewrite laws as it saw fit was removed. Bill 1 in Alberta and the similar Bill 88 in Saskatchewan are cause for reflection on key issues. As the global environmental crisis deepens, unprecedented change is unfolding in lands and waters around the world. Indigenous knowledge carries a unique perspective from that of Western knowledge. There is an urgent need for collective acknowledgment that the knowledge used to guide our way forward can no longer be exclusively determined by Western science and settler leadership. Indigenous peoples have significant expertise to contribute to the growing global crises of climate and biodiversity, and this contribution must be recognized and welcomed.

Read our analysis piece here.

Tell the federal and Alberta governments to listen to downstream Indigenous communities on environmental issues.

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Tell RBC to stop funding Coastal GasLink as it drills under the sacred Wedzin Kwa.

Take Action Made in Canada (Still) Matters

Made in Canada (Still) Matters

Public transit is a crucial part of climate action and social equality. Ensuring that people can get where they need to go without using a personal vehicle significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and makes communities more accessible. The transition to more robust public transit also ensures good jobs in building and maintaining infrastructure, transit lines, and of course in the operation of public fleets. Unfortunately, the federal government has announced it will use a P3 structure for its new High-Frequency Rail passenger rail project between Windsor and Quebec City, potentially threatening the viability of publicly-owned VIA Rail.

We should not have to subsidize wealthy companies with public money in order to locate production here. Public policy should set clear targets and create clusters of research, design and production for the green economy. There can be many good jobs created in that cleaner economy, if we make that decision as a country. Getting there will require political will, which means standing up for communities and putting people and the planet before profit. Every single time.

Read our analysis piece here.

You've reached your free health care limit

Care, Not Profit: Defend Public Health Care in Ontario

Ontario Hospitals are in crisis, and the Ford government is using that crisis as an opportunity to push for increased privatization of health services. Despite being touted as the solution to our health care system in crisis, privatization is a great threat to public health care. It creates two tiers of care, where those who can afford to pay more receive better, faster service, while underfunded public hospitals reach capacity and underpaid, over-worked health care workers face critical levels of burnout. For-profit care widens the inequity gap and disproportionately affects lower-income, racialized, remote, and rural communities.

Read our analysis piece here.

Take action to defend public health care in Ontario.

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