By 9:43 a.m., top CEOs already made the average persons annual salary

By 9:43 a.m., top CEOs already made the average person’s annual salary r1 ... r71 | Add us to your address book Mansion on High Point Road in Toronto

Dear friend,

By 9:43 this morning, on the first working day of 2023, Canada’s wealthiest people have already made more than you or I might all year.1

I’m not talking about owning-a-cottage wealthy or small-business wealthy. I mean owner of a national grocery chain wealthy, or international media conglomerate wealthy.

This kind of wealth disparity really grinds my gears, and what makes it worse is that many of these very wealthy people don’t pay fair taxes like you and I do.

Call on Finance Minister Freeland to fairly tax wealthy people and corporations!


In Canada there are 41 billionaires, many of whom you’ve probably never heard of. Those 41 people, including David Thomson, Jim Pattison, and Galen Weston Jr., hold more wealth than the 40 per cent of Canadians at the bottom of the economic ladder.2 That’s 15 million people!

While these folks accumulate incredible wealth through things like grocery store chains and real estate ventures, more and more people in Canada are struggling to put food on the table and pay the rent. At the same time, these ultra-wealthy people are contributing to the climate crisis through major fossil fuel investments and high-emitting lifestyles – a new study showed that billionaires emit one million times more greenhouse gases than the average person.3

It’s time to change this story. It’s time to implement fair taxes on very wealthy people and corporations, as countries like the UK, Norway, The Netherlands, Argentina, France, Colombia, and Switzerland have. These fair taxes include:4

  • A windfall tax on the huge profits being made by oil and gas companies
  • An annual wealth tax on people and corporations with a net worth of more than $10m
  • Raising the corporate tax rate
  • Closing egregious tax loopholes
Will you send Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland a message demanding fair taxes for the ultra-wealthy now? Chris Kruszewski Sincerely,

Chris Kruszewski
Climate and Social Justice Campaigner
The Council of Canadians
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