Forks of the Credit National Park?

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To create Forks of the Credit National Park

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The area surrounding the Forks of the Credit River is of such astounding natural beauty, historical significance and environmental necessity that it deserves to be protected and shared with all Canadians.

This petition moves to create a National Park... in the area surrounding the headwaters of Credit River Valley, by combining existing Provincial Parks and Conservation lands, and to expand that footprint to include areas that have both historic and natural features that deserve the protection and free use for all Canadians now, and for the future.

The Park would be home to the junctions of the Bruce Trail, the Trans Canada trail and the Cataract-Elora Trailway, and would serve as the hub for any long distance hiking within Southern Ontario.

As a tourist destination, the area is flooded with traffic and due to the lack of any Park infrastructure, the area is starting to feel the rapid effects of deterioration of the landscape. The fact that it is the most accessible section of Niagara Escarpment for most in the GTA, it has become a defacto "Algonquin Park" for millions of day trippers.

The farmland surrounding the Forks of the Credit is under threat from mining, as the glaciers that helped create the outstanding beauty of the area, also deposited gravel underneath the soil. A National Park would protect this watershed which, on its path to Lake Ontario, flows past millions of residents.

The Forks of the Credit National Park, alongside Rouge National Urban Park, would provide close to 8 million Canadians a Park within 45 mins travel. It would serve as a dedicated wildlife corridor, allowing protection for dozens of species currently under threat.

This land deserves to be protected for all Canadians, now and for forever.

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