Stop price gouging BC nurses: make BCCNM licensing fees sustainable

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Stop price gouging BC nurses: make BCCNM licensing fees sustainable

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In 2022-2023 BC Nurses registration fees cost $521.95. This was a 3% increase... from the 2021-2022 registration fees.

BCCNM (British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives) now demands a 15% increase in registration fees totalling $600.24. Please note, the above fees do NOT include tax, professional liability protection, and association membership fees which increases the total cost to approximately $719.93 for Registered Nurses.

In comparison to other Canadian provinces, Alberta in particular, RN’s paid approximately $478.89 for a year permit lasting from Oct 2022-September 2023. Alberta LPN’s paid approximately $350. According to Alberta is one of the highest paying Canadian provinces and offers some of the most reasonable licensing fees. Additional sources indicate that although provinces such as the Northwest Territories and Nunavut have higher licensing fees, they are often subsidized by the employer (

The above statements are used to highlight the economic inequities BC nurses are facing with respect to unsustainable, and increasing licensing fees. BCCNM states these increases are a reflection of inflation, internal investigations related to increased complaints and errors in the workplace, PHO work directives, and other factors. Despite the sky rocketing cost of living, BC nurses still have yet to receive either wage increases, subsidies, reimbursement, or incentive to compensate for inflation. BC nurses are also working in some of the most unsafe, draining, understaffed, and over census work environments to date as evidenced by the above finding regarding increased investigations and files in the workplace. As per the legal obligation BCCNM has to protect the public, nurses have seen very little to no changes to make our work environments more safe, desirable, or financially manageable. This in turn compromises adequate staffing levels to maintain safe nurse to patient ratios.

Collectively, BC nurses are asking for BCCNM to decrease license fees to a manageable rate and to include these changes to our collective agreement prior to the end of our bargaining.

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