How you can fight water scarcity

Corporate water pollution, extraction, and privatization is depleting our most precious resource. But we are fighting back to save our water.

Learn more by registering for the SumOfUs Global Water Team info session on January 19th.



Mining companies are turning life-sustaining rivers into toxic cesspools. Bottled water companies are draining away water from drought-stricken communities. Private water companies are buying up public water works and then jacking up prices.

Corporations around the world are trying to turn safe, clean water into a commodity for the wealthiest few. But together we can fight back to ensure that corporations are forced to treat water as a precious resource for all.

Register now for the SumOfUs Global Water Team info session to find out what you can do to protect our water... from corporate abuse.

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For nearly a decade, SumOfUs members like you have been supporting campaigns to protect our water from corporate greed. But this year, we would like to invite you to take your support to the next level.

The Global Water Team will bring together SumOfUs members from all over the world to pool your diverse knowledge, skills, and experience in support of the fight against corporate water pollution, extraction, and privatization. Together we will:

  • Identify campaign opportunities,
  • Discuss strategy,
  • Amplify the voices of impacted communities,
  • Receive trainings, and
  • Plan digital and on-the-ground actions.

Register now for our first Global Water Team information session on Thursday, January 19th.

When SumOfUs members work together, you do amazing things. Together you’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support impacted communities, sent thousands of messages directly to CEOs, and co-filed shareholder resolutions that change corporate policies for the better.

Join us on January 19th to learn more about how the SumOfUs community can use its power to help end water scarcity caused by corporate negligence and greed.


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Lacey and the team at SumOfUs

SumOfUs is a community of people from around the world committed to curbing the growing power of corporations. We want to buy from, work for and invest in companies that respect the environment, treat their workers well and respect democracy. And we’re not afraid to stand up to them when they don’t.

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