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Dear community members and partners,

Mr John Ndambuki Mulwa is a Kenyan citizen and refused refugee claimant in Canada.

We kindly request your urgent intervention in his Humanitarian and Compassionate case to avoid deportation due to Refugee case dismissal.

For the best... interest of Chef John Mulwa, please allow him to retain his legal working status, and reside in and work in Canada.

John has been in Canada since August 2014. Since then, John been valuable community member and a productive employee as a chef.

In 2014 Mulwa worked with SAMIR HALAL SUPERMARKETS as a butcher where he interacted with Canadians from all walks of life.

John worked with Arzyta bakery and later moves to MOHAWK COLLEGE as senior line chef.

In his recent jobs John Mulwa worked with ROBERTLAND ACADEMY which is a military base school where he interacted with and impacted the lives of young Canadian military cadets.

John is currently working as a senior cook with COLUMBIA INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE.

Chef Mulwa has been a contributing member of African Canadian societies in Ontario. He served as a member of the KENYAN COMMUNITY IN ONTARIO, 2017- 2018. John is currently the Vice Chair of JAMIIB GROUP which has more than 150 members.

Chef Mulwa organized big community events in Canada including the Hamilton Kenyan Annual BBQ and KCO BBQ amongst others.

Mulwa is the founder of NDAMBUIZYS-FOOD CATERING COMPANY which he has been using to introduce Canadians to African cuisine. He is also the main sponsor of the EAST AFRICAN ANNUAL BBQ.

John Ndambuki is also a farmer. For over 3 yrs, he has gone the extra-mile to produce "The taste of Home Vegetables" for Canadians of African origin in Ontario. This year John worked with MURPHY’S COUNTRY PRODUCE and was the 1st Kenyan in Canada to grow East African veggies like Kunde, Saga, and managu and not the least, the popular MAHINDI (white corn).

Chef John Mulwa is beloved in the Kenyan community and has always ready to even provide food and shelter to those in the community that need a helping hand.

John Mulwa works hard and has been faithful taxpayer.

Removing him from Canada would deprive this country one of the most productive and conscientious members. Please support this good man.

Thank you in advance and please sign the petition for him to be granted the right to reside, and legally continue working in beautiful Canada.

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