Evicting terminally-ill cancer patient?

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A message from our lovely Abra —

I am a terminally ill cancer patient with an evolving unstable metastatic cancer, I am undergoing treatment to attempt to live a little longer, perhaps five or even ten years, at this... stage in my cancer I am undergoing surgery’s and having my medication adjusted, my treatment plan is not yet perfected and the best prognosis for me to have a chance at surviving a little longer would be for me to be able to focus on my health, not look for a new home and go through the ordeal of moving.

I am asking that the eviction notice that has been submitted to the landlord and tenant board be withdrawn.

I have lived in this apartment for 23 years and have never been late on rent, I have always kept the home clean and in good repair, I am a good tenant. Furthermore the chances of finding a home within my restricted budget (due to the amount of time I spend dealing with my cancer I cannot work very much).

Moving me from my home at this time is unreasonable, the stress that this is causing me is having a very negative impact on my health and could very well impact my chances at a few good years of life.

I only ask that my life is valued more than a few thousand dollars. Please.

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