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Dear Friend,

Do you ever wonder if we’re living through a major moment in Canadian history? We do.

We think about that every day and ask ourselves how we can make a difference for the better.

As a loyal supporter of the Council, you’ll know that we are building on nearly four decades of activism and breakthrough political change created by hundreds of thousands of supporters, members, volunteers, and community leaders, including you.

That’s why we’re writing today – it’s our chance to connect with you amidst the almost overwhelming challenges we will face in the coming year, and our opportunity to make change together.

As a Council supporter, you strengthen our movement.

Friend , will you take your support one step further and become a donor in 2023? We’re up against a lot this year and every dollar makes a difference. Better yet, become a monthly donor! It’s convenient for you and allows us to direct more funds to the work you care about.

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Right now, our governments’ priorities are at odds with our shared needs and experiences. CEOs and billionaires seem to have a red-carpet to legislatures, while people and communities have a suggestion box.

We often talk about how governments are privatizing and eroding ‘the Commons’: our shared ecological, social, and cultural resources. The less our government prioritizes its peoples’ needs, the more corporations will swoop in to fill the void, and the less democratic control we’ll have over things that make our communities functional and accessible – water, transit, housing, and land use.

This stands in direct opposition to the very origins of the Council of Canadians: to challenge the power and influence of corporations on our government and democracy.

We now need to revitalize our movement, building on the strengths of our last 37 years, to strengthen our grassroots and build back the power of people and communities and their influence on decision-making.

And that’s where you come in, today.

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In 2023, we’ll put your donations to work making progress towards...

If we’re going to be successful at asserting our agenda over that of the biggest, richest, most powerful corporations and billionaires, we are going to need every one of our supporters to help us rise to the challenge.

The Council is a grassroots funded movement. Unlike many charities and non-profits, more than 92 per cent of the Council’s funding comes from individuals like you. We operate without a penny of corporate or government money. This means we remain staunchly independent as we challenge the most powerful institutions on the planet.

Just like you, we are struggling with inflation and the impact of the pandemic. Expenses have – and continue to – increase. And we are counting on you to keep the Council going.

Friend , we hope you can make your first gift to the Council today. Any amount – big or small – helps us achieve a better future for all.

Donate Now In solidarity,

Ravi Joshi and Robin Tress
Co-Executive Directors
The Council of Canadians

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