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Last week Enbridge’s CEO flew in from Texas to lecture Canadian politicians about building more oil and gas pipelines.

When talking about Canada not having a single gas export terminal, he said (with a straight face) that it’s our “global responsibility” to export LNG.

Enbridge took a record $15.5 billion in profit last year, but that’s not enough for Greg Ebel. For some reason he thinks we want advice on how to make his company even richer.

To do that, the B.C. government would need to bend its own laws to revive Enbridge’s Westcoast Connector fracked gas pipeline. It’s a... zombie project that hasn’t moved forward since 2014.

At full capacity, the pipe would export more fossil gas every day than B.C. can currently produce, blowing the roof off B.C.’s climate targets. And like Coastal GasLink, the project would blast, bore and trench its way across hundreds of salmon streams in the Fraser and Skeena watersheds.

What a lot of people probably don’t know is that if these export projects succeed in their goal of raising prices for methane gas, it means much higher home heating bills for households in B.C.

It’s an apocalyptic vision – but environment minister George Heyman holds some power to stop it from happening.

Enbridge needs Heyman’s signature to resurrect their zombie project. But with enough public support he can simply follow his own law and let the pipeline permit expire.

Tell Minister Heyman to follow the law and say no to Enbridge’s dangerous plan.

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