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PAOV — Since 2015, over $2 million of BC taxpayer money has been spent on the wolf cull. Wolves are intelligent animals who form close bonds with their pack, and are an essential part of their ecosystem.

Payton is urging the government to immediately end the wolf cull. If you think BC’s wolves should not be shot and killed, sign Payton’s petition now.

END The Wolf Cull in BC

2,094 have signed Payton Maffioli’s petition. Let’s get to 2,500!

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It is time to tell the BC government to STOP the annual wolf cull that happens in British Columbia, Canada. Thousands of wolves have been killed since 2015, and over $2,000,000 (TWO MILLION DOARS) of taxpayers money has gone towards the killing of these sacred animals. Wolves are a keystone species to every environment they live in and are important in keeping the balance between predators and prey. The cull began as a “solution” to protect caribou populations from declining any more than they have, but this project has proven to fail and it only served as a short term goal. It is time to bowl for the rights of wolves and create ACTUAL CHANGE to better the future for the environment and everyone living in Canada.

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