Will “sustainable jobs” plan mean a just transition?

Will “sustainable jobs” plan mean a just transition? r1 ... r71 | Add us to your address book Just Transition

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The federal government has released its interim “Sustainable Jobs Plan” – aka its preliminary just transition strategy. There’s good news and bad news, and, most importantly, the news that we need to keep the pressure on to ensure a truly just transition.

Tell your MP to raise the need for a truly just transition in their regional caucus.

Take Action

There are several big gaps and loopholes in the federal Sustainable Jobs Plan, thanks to lobbying by Big Oil CEOs. Now is the time to push our Members of Parliament to significantly strengthen this plan.

There are several promising things in the plan for workers, communities, and the climate. This includes a just transition institution and an independent advisory body, as well as commitment to International Labour Organization and United Declaration of Indigenous Peoples principles.

The Sustainable Jobs Plan needs binding legislation that is backed by funding in the federal budget and that supports a just transition for workers and communities, not just another bailout for fossil fuel CEOs.

Thousands of Council members and supporters from hundreds of communities have taken part in the campaign to flood Parliament with support for a just transition. You have sent letters to the federal government, talked to your neighbours, collected petition signatures, met with your MPs, and got them to present the just transition petition in the House of Commons.

So far 35 Green, NDP, Liberal, and Conservative MPs tabled the Council of Canadians’ petition for transition legislation that’s truly just and another 13 have pledged to do so. Grassroots organizers in dozens of communities from coast to coast are calling on their MPs to do the same. The federal transition strategy still needs to go further to address the demands in the petition.

A just transition is not a destination, it’s a process. It’s about the work of restoring control over resources, utilities, health care, housing – the essentials of a good and meaningful life, and the foundations of strong, resilient communities – back to the people. By regaining control over services, infrastructure, and democratic processes that should have been under public control this whole time, we can drive a just transition to a low-carbon society.

It’s time for a just transition, not another bailout for Big Oil CEOs.

Add Your Voice Dylan Penner With hope and resolve,

Dylan Penner
Climate and Social Justice Campaigner
The Council of Canadians P.S. You can read our more in-depth analysis of this significant announcement here.

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