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Dear Friend,

I want to start by saying thank you.

Thank you for choosing the Council of Canadians. There are many worthy causes for your time and attention. We know that, and we never take your support for granted.

I like to think that you choose the Council because you trust us to make a difference. Because you believe in our mission. And because we share your values of community, democracy and justice.

I want to let you know that these values are at the core of what we do and how we do it. Justice and democracy are at the heart of how we lead, how we organize, how we govern – and how we fundraise.

We operate without a penny of corporate or government money. And while we are grateful for the support we get from labour and faith-based groups, over 92% of our funds come from thousands of people like you.

Can you join them with a gift of $5 today?

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The Council’s financial independence allows our advocacy to be direct and uncompromising. We don’t need to worry about funding being pulled when we are critical of our elected officials, and we never have to run our messaging past corporate responsibility departments who are going to ask us to tone it down.

To put it simply, we answer to no one but you.

Some might question a revenue structure that requires thousands of people across the country chipping in what they are able, year after year. But year after year, our donors prove them wrong by faithfully renewing your investment in the Council – and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Friend , I hope 2023 is the year you become a donor to the Council of Canadians. Our movement becomes stronger with each dollar you contribute.

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Many nonprofits rely on large corporate donations or government grants. But governments and corporations (and billionaire philanthropists) uphold an economic system that prioritizes profit and unlimited growth above the vital needs of people and the planet. They are never going to fund a movement that aims to dismantle that very system.

Our financial independence is an expression of our values in the present as well as our vision for the future: a future in which wealth is distributed fairly and profits are never prioritized over people.

This is the future that you help realize when you donate to the Council of Canadians.

Donate Now Charlotte Kiddell

With my sincere gratitude,

Charlotte Kiddell
Director of Development and Member Services
The Council of Canadians

P.S. I take it seriously when I say that we answer to you. Do you have questions about the Council and becoming a donor? I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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