Deporting a 4-year-old?

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We write to humbly request that you take action to immediately stop the deportation of an essential Personal Support Worker Evelyn Namukasa and her four years old son Mathew Stanely Akopan a Canadian... born citizen. She arrived in Canada on 20th April 2018 from Uganda fleeing for her life having lived in a violent, abusive and unhappy marriage simply because she failed to conceive urgently as the husband desired. He publicly accused her of infertility, something that traumatized her severely. Fortunately, after five years of enduring such an abusive marriage, Evelyn conceived and gave birth to two beautiful daughters.

Despite the painful labour experience she went through, the husband never liked the daughters simply because he prefered male children. This was too painful for her to withstand. Evelyn got fade up with his violence and abusive marriage and escaped with her beloved daughters. She lived with some of her family members, however the husband hired goons to trail her, and occasionally attacked many of her family members threating to kill her if she did not go back to his house or pay back the bride price.

Evelyn was very traumatized with the situation and with the support of a travel agent, she managed to escape from Uganda and a filed an in-land application for protection in Canada having failed to get protection from her home country where women are not fully emanupulated. The Immigration and refugee board did not not grant her protection following an intervention from the Immigration Ministers council who sited identity issues.

Evelyn explained that since she was almost living in captivity and the fear of being detected by the controlling husband who was using all the money and possible ways to haunt her down, She could not have a chance to obtain personal identity documents. In order to escape for her dear life, the agent offered an identity document in different names which she disclosed as soon as she arrived in Canada. Despite submission of various identity documents that proves Evelyns actual identity from her family and the Ugandan Government Official Record, She continued to be denied at different levels of the immigration system.

Evelyn applied for Permanent residence on Humanitarian and Compassionate ground and having submitted certifying results of the Deoaxyribonucleic acid or DN taken in comparison with her surviving relatives in Uganda, the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada on November 7th 2022 wrote and informed Evelyn that having reviewed her reconsideration request, they had decided to reconsider her case which was promising. However, since then, Evelyn has not heard from them and the CBSA is proceeding with the removal order without considering the IRCCS decision to reconsider her Humanitarian and compassionate ground application for permanent residence.

Evelyn is a very well established member of the Canadian Community who have professionally trained as a Personal Support worker by the City Adult Learning Center. She has diligently served with the Kensington Long Term Home and during the covid 19 pandemic period, she worked with the Roseview Long term care center and the Always care group home where she served and saved lives of our beloved vulnerable seniors. Through this hard work, Evelyn has been able to raise and support her children both in Uganda and Canada. Despite the long distance, Evelyns ex husband continues to threaten her life and the daughters therefore taking her back to Uganda is equivalent to signing her death warrant.

Evelyn and her children are scared of the hardships they are likely to face if she is deported back to a country where she is not likely to find meaningful employment to sustain her children who were already abandoned by their biological father.

As a Canadian citizen, Mathew is being denied a chance to be raised by her beloved mother in his home country Canada but in stead being failed by his own country.

As a responsible member of our Canadian community, Evelyn files her taxes on time, has no criminal record whatsoever and she has been reporting regularly with the CBSAs Immigration Bond Reporting Center on a monthly basis for the last 15months while complying with all their conditions without fail. She pays her bills on time and on top of that she volunteers with the Christian Resource Center plus Regent park Community Center, along time volunteer at the New African Canadian Association and a valuable member of the Ugandan Community in Canada.

The fact that Evelyn has presented all her identification documents and still denied status in Canada, this feels a deliberate anthem to torture her psychologically. As the New African Canadian Association and the Canadian community, we call upon the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada to expandise and grant Evelyn Namukasa a landed status on a Humanitarian and Compassionate Ground.

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