Be louder than the fossil fuel lobby


Hi Paov,

Right now, banning new gas and coal projects is all over the news - this is a huge opportunity.

You and I know that we can’t have a safe climate and new gas and coal projects. The science just doesn’t stack up.

Will you send a message to the Prime Minister asking him to stand up to the wealthy fossil fuel lobby and use his power to ban new coal and gas projects?

This year, the Albanese Government wants to pass two major reforms to our climate and environment laws - through the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act, and the Abbott-era Safeguard Mechanism.

At the moment, their reforms aren’t going to do anything to stop new coal and gas projects, and to make matters worse, the rules are rigged in favour of fossil fuel companies who can use unlimited offsets and carbon credits to continue polluting.

So that’s where you come in. The government has two shots this year to rule out new coal... and gas projects - will you ask Prime Minister Albanese to take them?

From the Beetaloo Basin in the Northern Territory to the pristine waters between Victoria and Tasmania, gas companies have big plans for expansion. And with gas prices at record highs, these companies are feeling more confident than ever.

The Prime Minister knows these projects are bad news for our climate, communities and ecosystems, but the fossil fuel lobbyists have his ear. Let's make the resounding will of the people louder than a greedy few.

It’s time for our political leaders to start listening to the Traditional Owners and local communities who’ve been fighting against these massive projects for years. Will you add your voice to the chorus calling on the Albanese Government to rule out new fossil fuels?

We've got the email all set up and ready to go, but I really encourage you to make it your own, add your personal story or message.

It’s going to be a big year but I know that together we can start to shift the politics on new gas and coal projects.

Shani, for the 350 Australia team

We are building a grassroots movement to stand up to the fossil fuel industry, and support a just transition from coal, oil and gas to a renewable-energy future for all.

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