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Friday was the deadline for Indigenous groups to consult on the Enbridge Westcoast Connector pipeline decision. The company is requesting an emergency permit extension for a massive fracked gas line across northern B.C.

In some cases, communities were given fewer than five days to submit a response to Enbridge’s request.

Hooxi'i, a spokesperson for one Gitxsan house group that is opposing the extension, posted a video this week explaining how ridiculously tight this turnaround time is considering the gravity of the project’s impacts. Check it out.

Let’s make sure the environment minister doesn’t quietly... give in to lobbyist pressure behind closed doors.

5,000 people have sent Minister George Heyman a letter in only two weeks’ time — can you make sure he hears from you, too?

If you’ve already sent him a message, please get more people on board ramping up the pressure. Share the action this weekend by forwarding this e-mail on and also sharing this link on your social media channels.
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