20% decrease in pay for nurses?

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Arrêtez le gouvernement du Québec de baisser le salaire des nouvelles infirmières

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Stop the Quebec government from lowering new nurse salaries

Quebec’s health-care system is in crisis. At the heart of this is the lack of nurse retention.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services recently announced that all... new nurses will start at the lowest pay scale, echelon 1. For decades, all new university prepared nurses started their careers at a minimum of echelon 7 as a retention measure that was reflective of their higher education. This means that nurses who receive their license after December 2022 will be starting at $6.44/hr less than those who started before that date representing about a 20% decrease in pay. Full-time nursing salaries in Quebec are the lowest in the country, even for those starting at echelon 7.  

Since this announcement, many new nurses are contemplating leaving Quebec for opportunities where salaries, working conditions, and government support are significantly better. Quebec needs to hire an additional 10,000 nurses in 2023 to meet the growing demand for health services - a number that will continue to grow if nursing retention strategies and pay equity are not in place.

We must act today for this generation of nurses.  

Sign this petition to support nursing salaries that incentivize university-prepared nurses to remain in Quebec.

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